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"Making Memories Out Of Thin Air"
-Llamas Unlimited


Guided Llama Treks

Take a guided llama trek near Yellowstone where our trusty pack animals lighten your load. 
You'll experience the Wyoming high country light-footed and able to truly enjoy your backcountry experience.

DIY Llama Rentals

Ready to hit the trail on your own with sure-footed llamas shouldering your load?
Get deep into the wilderness, eat like a king, sleep as comfortably as you'd like, and still make it to the parts of the backcountry you've always wanted to see.

Lodging in Llama Country

Ever wish you could lodge at a llama farm? Yeah...probably not, but it's a great experience.
Stay in our charming guest cabins right on the farm, chill with the animals, and get a llama's eye view of Yellowstone country.

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Heidi, July 2019

Love those llama packing fools.

"These llamas and people are so great to work with! The llamas are so easy going and do not get excited about packing at all. They know their job and do it well. Easy to get along with in camp. The owners are so patient and teaching and showing the ins and outs of llamas. Look forward to planning another trip with these guys..."

View Guided Treks

Come Visit the Ranch

Stay safe this summer at a ranch where your closest neighbor has a long, furry neck.

Our ranch tours let you get up close and personal with some of nature's most bizarre, but useful and lovable animals.

See the ranch, meet the animals, and get an introduction to llama trekking while you're here.

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Llamas Unlimited  is an authorized Permittee of Bureau Land Management. All trips are conducted on


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