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DIY llama

Rent Your Own Llamas to Trek Lightly

Why Rent Llamas:

Get to your destination light on your feet. 

Llamas make your big trek more manageable as they haul your gear for you so you can hike harder, farther, and longer.

Llamas are the perfect pack animal because they:

  • Eat and drink little 

  • Require little maintenance in camp 

  • Can carry the equivalent of two large backpacking packs

  • Have soft padded hooves that make them silent if you're hunting

  • And more...

DIY Llama Rentals: Welcome

Rental Rates

$90 llama ( Min 2 Llamas) 

*Price includes everything for the llamas i.e. food/pellets, saddles, panniers, scale, blankets, halter, lead rope, stake out lead, scale etc.

DIY Llama Rentals: Tour Packages

The Process


Step 1: Orientation

Meet at our llama ranch 15 minutes outside of Cody, Wyoming for a required clinic introducing llamas and how to care for them.  Can be taken same day or prior.

Learn  how to lead llamas, load them in the trailer, saddle their gear and care for them - including poisonous plants to avoid.

Step 2: Load Up & Hit the Trail

You'll put your llama clinic knowledge to the test loading the animals into the trailer before you hit the road for your big adventure.

You'll soon hit the trail with new sure-footed friends that make accessing the deep backcountry incredibly simple. Ready for your trek?

Step 3: Return Light-Footed

With no packs to weigh you down and your naturally protective llama keeping you safe in the wilderness, you'll drop your llamas off feeling lighter than you ever have after a backcountry trek.

The question isn't so much whether you enjoyed the experience as when will you be able to have it again?

DIY Llama Rentals: Services

Llama Clinic

Rate: $65/person

A mandatory clinic for first-time renters to give you a rundown of trail etiquette, trailering your animals, loading your animals' packs, and feeding practices, among other needs. 

The clinic not only gets you ready for llama trekking, but also proves to us you'll treat them well enough to guarantee your rental. We retain the right to be selective about who rents our llamas, which should be treated as family. I mean these are our babies.

You'll get your questions answered so you feel comfortable and confident to take your new friends into the wilderness.

DIY Llama Rentals: Features

Who Are Llamas For?

Llamas were born for the mountains and will make you feel far more at home on your trek. Don't let age, distance, lack of water, or difficult terrain keep you from exploring the backcountry EVER again!

Llamas are for you if you want to:

  • Explore the backcountry and see new places

  • Hike harder, longer, or farther

  • Get into the backcountry with much less work

  • Carry more gear without overburdening yourself

  • Eat better food while camping

  • Hike farther from the trailhead for more adventures or to avoid other hunters

  • Fish new lakes and streams that are hard to access

  • Carry more water into areas that hold little or no natural water resources

Why Do Llamas Make Such Great Pack Animals?

It may not seem obvious, but llamas are quite possibly the perfect pack animal.

Here are just a few of the reasons llamas are great pack animals for trekkers or hunters:

  • Eat roughly 10% of a horse or mule, allowing you to camp in areas with sparse feed.

  • Require little maintenance in camp - just stake them and leave them during your day trips and move their stake the next day.

  • Can go extended periods without drinking water (depending on the weather).

  • Will carry up to 110 pounds of gear

  • Easier and safer to handle and lead than horses

  • Walk quietly, making them an excellent hunting companion

  • Soft, padded hooves lower impact on the trail and vegetation and gives them great traction

  • Calm demeanor makes them great with younger kids and older trekkers

Learn More About Llamas
DIY Llama Rentals: List

Trailer Rentals

Double Axle Bumper Pull

$65/ Per Day

Can be hauled by a 1/2 ton  truck or large SUV.
( 4-8 Llamas )
2" ball

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DIY Llama Rentals: Tour Packages
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