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Llama Beans

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Llama beans: Welcome

Llama Beans for sale

 They will not “burn” your plants!

Small dose

1 Cup of Beans 
Bean Tea, this goes a long ways- 5 gallons of liquid fertilizer


Need a little more

1 quart = 4 cups 
Roughly 25 Gallons of Bean Tea.


Go big

1 Gallon of Beans


Llama beans: List
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Some advantages of using llama beans for fertilizer is the fact that there is almost no smell;

they are extremely rick in

Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium; 

Llama beans: About

Bean Tea

1 cup of llama beans. 

1 gallon of water. 
24-48 hours ( Stir occasionally)
 When the water turns a nice tea color you can use it to water you plants.

You can get 5 gallons of “liquid fertilizer” from this one cup of “beans” just keep adding water to the jug and use until it no longer turns a “tea” color.


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Llama beans: Text
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