Cabin Rental Near Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming

Get the whole llama experience by staying at the ranch

Want an early start for your llama trekking days? Staying with us makes it easy!

Enjoy a quaint stay on a working llama farm in a charming tiny house. Blue pine oak and metal sheeting will make you feel at home on the Wyoming range. 

Beds: 1 queen and 2 twins 

Amenities: Private bathroom, small kitchen. sleeping arrangements are upstairs.

Max Occupancy: 4

Rate: $120 + $45 cleaning fee

Call/Text- 307-272-9454
Email - llamasofwyoming@gmail.com


Llama Lunch

NOT a hiker but love to eat?

I'm sure you've dreamed of having a picnic with llamas, I mean who hasn't! To be outside and to watch the wonderful creatures around you while you enjoy your meal? 

Each person will get to pick what souvenir they would like to have! (Hats, Shirts, Key chain)

$60/person WITH a llama souvenir

What all comes with this?

  • The entire picnic

  •  Alone time OR you can request to have a guide & then you can learn all you've ever wanted to learn about llamas.

  • You get up to 2 hours to enjoy this time.


Onsite Fun

Want to get a little more fun out of your time at the llama ranch? Play horseshoes, volleyball or cornhole to while away the long Wyoming evenings before your trek. Or just spend some time petting the llamas and prepping for your adventures! 

More Cabins in Renovation!

Farmhouse fresh, we're working on several fun new cabins at the llama ranch that will give you even more choices for lodging near Cody, Wyoming. We'll soon be able to accommodate a group of up 16 with our cute, chic cabins.