Our Story

Why We Have Llamas

Why llamas? That's the question we hear most often.

As avid trekkers and hunters, our trips into the mountains were limited by heavy packs that made us fall short of goals. 

We looked into horses and goats as pack animals, but horses eat too much, are too loud when hunting, and can't navigate the difficult terrain we often explore. Goats have their own set of problems.

We finally discovered the strength, quiet navigation skills, and even guard-dog like aspects of llamas and have never looked back. 

We now share our love of these canine-like camelids through Cody Llama Trekking, which will introduce you to the amazing world of llama trekking. 

Warning: One experience with llama trekking and you'll be hooked too.


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Llama Beans

Get a taste for llamas with feeding, petting and grooming experiences for your family or take things a step further with a half-day tour that also prepares you to rent our llamas for your own adventures.

No, it's not a fruit. But it will help you grow fruit. Llama beans are more commonly known as droppings, but act as a natural fertilizer that proves llamas are more than a pretty face (ha!) and versatile aid on the mountain.


Llamas Unlimited