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Sheep Mountain Trek

Check out this 6.3-mile loop trail near Cody, Wyoming. Generally considered a challenging route. Enjoy some solitude and llamas!  The best times to visit this trail are April through October. 

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CottonWood Creek Trail

Come on a Llama trek from 6- 9 miles Out and Back enjoying the beautiful big ravin, the aspens, pine trees, flowing water durning the beginning of summer. This out and Back can be considered a challenging Trek.
Inquire on Lunch being provided as well.

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Prepare for Your Trip

This will be a wilderness trip and we practice low-impact camping. It would be of great help if you pack light! The below listed required minimal gear is really all you need to have a wonderful wilderness experience with us.

A waterproof stuff sack will be provided for your clothing that will be received and packed the night before departure. It is 12" x 25", and all of the above clothing gear will fit into the sack and should weigh no more than 18 pounds. Your camera, medications, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, compass, water bottle, and rain gear will be in your readily accessible day pack.

The day of departure will dictate as to what type of clothing we will start out in. Remember, we supply all of your camping gear, but some people prefer to bring their own, so please let us know what gear

If you are planning to bring, sleeping bags, tents, and pads let us know so we may be prepared.

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What to Pack

  • Recommended Gear and Clothing List

  • 1 pair long pants

  • 1 pair of hiking shorts Light poly underwear (if you're cold blooded in evening) Light wool or synthetic socks with poly liners if needed

  • Heavy/med sweater (wool) and fleece jacket vest, or medium jacket T-shirts and/or synthetic shirts

  • Stocking hat (wool or fleece) Visor cap or baseball cap Light gloves (wool or synthetic)

  • Good quality full rain gear protection Hiking boots (worn in).

  • Low hiking shoes are adequate but increase the risk of an ankle injury and wet socks

  • Hiking sandals, aqua shoes, or tennis shoes for crossing rivers

  • Swimsuits (if you are brave enough to bare the cold water)

  • A good wide mouth water bottle or water pack

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Mosquito repellent (100% DEET)

  • Camera

  • Flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries,

  • Compass (optional)

  • A good paperback or digital book

  • Day pack-with waterproof cover or lined with a plastic sack

  • Personal medications (a standard first aid kit will be provided),

  • One wash cloth/towel/biodegradable soap (no phosphates),

  • Emergency whistle

  • Fly-fisherman

  • Head nets

  • Bio-soap

  • BPA free 1qt water-wide mouth water bottles

  • Other knick-knacks

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