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Llama Beans


Llama Beans are the ultimate all natural 100% organic fertilizer. Using these "beans" with no additives and no chemicals has no negative effects on our environment and creates no pollution.

Llamas and Alpacas have a digestive process based on three stomach chambers that is so thorough that any other organic matter such as weeds are non-existent in their droppings, resulting in completely composted beans that are rich in Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous. 

Those are the three main ingredients required for optimum health in all plants and sometimes so present in produced fertilizers it can "burn" your plants.

Llama Beans are the environmentally friendly way to enhance your soil and produce superior flowers and gardens.

Llamas do not carry E. coli 157.

Hats and Shirts


Commemorate your llama experience with fun swag that will help you remember your new camelid friends.

The perfect souvenir for your llama ranch experience!

Saddle Packs


Our handmade saddle packs combine pad and saddle to simplify packing your llama while optimizing your llama's carrying capacity. Each custom saddle will ensure you get the most gear on each llama without overloading it or causing undue strain.

Llama Lead Ropes


Homemade llama lead ropes give you the perfect way to lead your llama and make the most of your investment in the wilderness.

Kryptek Ball Cap

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Hunter Orange Kryptek Hat

Stocking Cap

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Hunter Orange stocking cap